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Junior School

School Uniform

All children at Frogmore Junior School wear uniform as this creates a sense of belonging.

Our school uniform is available to purchase from Brenda's Schoolwear, 130 Frimley Road, Camberley GU15 2QN.  Links to further information about Brenda's (location, parking, contact details and opening hours) are available on this page.

Please click on this link: to access Brenda's website directly.

Grey trousers Grey pinafore dress, skirt or non-fashion trousers
Long or short-sleeved white shirt Long or short-sleeved white shirt
Blue V-necked sweatshirt with school logo Blue V-necked sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo

Blue and grey striped school tie


Grey socks

Blue and grey striped school tie


Grey tights or white socks

Black shoes (not boots or trainers) Black shoes (not boots or trainers)
In summer In summer
White logo-ed polo shirt Blue and white checked dress
Grey shorts or trousers White logo-ed polo shirt with grey skirt.

PE and Games Kit:

T-shirt in the house colour, black shorts and plimsolls/trainers

Trainers may be worn for outdoor games. In colder weather, a tracksuit or hooded top with the school logo may be worn.


Children are discouraged from wearing any jewellery to school. If they do, it must be removed for PE lessons or tape brought in to cover pierced ears. It is the child’s responsibility to look after it.

Since safety is a prime consideration, sensible shoes should be worn during the school day (no heels or open toed sandals). Hair should be uniformly of a natural colour. Hair styles involving shaven sides, obvious ‘steps’ and/or razor lines are not acceptable at Frogmore School. Sleeper and stud earrings are allowed to be worn to school, but they must be non-jewelled and the child must be able to remove them for PE lessons.

During unusually hot weather, appropriate adjustments may be made to the uniform requirements – you will be informed on these occasion